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Tamper Evident Security Labels

Tamper Evident Security Labels

Security labels (also known as "Tamper Evident" seals or "VOID" labels) make unauthorised entry of the packaging detectable.

Used for a one-time use, we produce two variants of tamper evident labels:

  • Peelable "VOID" labels - Frequently seen attached to packaging for electronic items and valuables, these seals once peeled or broken will leave a print behind that's developed into the adhesive. The residue left behind will display the text "VOID" or to something of that effect.

  • "Ultra-destructible" labels - A simpler way of offering packaging security to items such as foods and drinks. A super thin label equipped with a highly sticky adhesive connects the packaging seal to the packaging body and will easily tear when opened.

Adding essential security features to product packaging shouldn't need to be expensive. Our tamper evident labelling solutions are a cost effective alternative in packaging security. We can even take your security labels and merge them with your own personalised branding.



Tamper Evident Labelling