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Plain White Sticky Labels

Plain White Sticky Labels

Our plain sticky labels need no introduction, everyone has used these at somepoint by handwriting on them or overprinting variable information using thermal transfer printing. A favourite for general purposes where the use of print is kept to a minimum.

Plain labels on a roll are popular with many of our customers because of their versatility, roll formats meet the needs of customers with large quantities by offering optimised storage space, added protection, lower maintanance and easy dispensing for application as opposed to sheets.

Where Plain Sticky Labels are frequently used:

  • Overprinted variable data fed to thermal transfer printers
  • Handwritten labels
  • Warehouse stock-check identification

Because our sticky labels are manufactured from scratch, they can be made up of any material, shape, size and adhesive to serve multiple purposes. Our clients often have pre-printed branding to make full use of advertsing opportunities.


Plain Labels