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Eco-Friendly Labels

Eco-Friendly Labels

Today over 53% of consumers choose products and services pushed by the surge in environmentally conscious companies. Eco-friendly label substrates go through continuous advancements to make them accurately receptive to ink without compromising print quality.

Our commitment to the evolving needs of our greenest and most meticulous clients can come with a sweet label made from pre-consumer waste, pressed from ‘tree-free’ sugar cane pulp known as "Bagasse Label Stock".

We offer the UK an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment with their packaging using an exclusive range of our printed biodegradable self-adhesive labels compliant to the European Industrial Compostable Standard (EN13432).

The standard requires a compostable material to have 90% outdoor biodegradation within the space of 6 to 9 months as opposed to some plastics which can take up to 400 years.

These beautifully textured labels can be supplied in rolls on kraft or standard glassine backing papers. Our eco-friendly range is gently coated with a S100 FDA permanent, water based adhesive even approved for direct food contact.

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Looking for biodegradable and compostable labels with more versatility?
Check out our Premium Biodegradable Label range.


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