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Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels

For companies who want to perform their own in-house printing at a speedy, cost-effective rate without the expenses of ink, thermal ribbons or additional maintennance.

Direct thermal labels are great for identification and short-life variable data, you can identify direct thermal labels by quickly running your finger nail over the surface. Should the paper leave a grey mark behind then we can confirm you have yourself a direct thermal label.

Favoured over the older sprocketed, sheet-fed dot matrix printer due to its quietness and sheer speed. The inkless thermal printing technique has been around since 1972 with very minor changes to this present day. We manufacture a non-toxic, more eco-friendly direct thermal label that is 'bisphenol A' and phenol free.

Where Direct Thermal Labelling is frequently used:

  • Warehouse Inventory Identification
  • Adhesive Receipts
  • Stock Categorising

Direct Thermal Labels use a printing technique that involves a thermochromatic substrate (heat-sensitive paper in layman's terms) that passes a heating element in the printer head and transfers a black print on the paper where the heat is applied with prescision. The thing to take note of is that all direct thermal labels are moisture and heat sensitive as well as abrasive - making them exclusively suitable for controlled indoor environments.

Our production capabilities ensure we can supply millions of these direct thermal labels on rolls, fan folded and sheets in an assortment of shapes, sizes, colours and adhesives. All you need is to tell us is the size of your labels, from there we can do the rest.