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Chemical Labels

Chemical Labels

We've been the safe solution for many of our clients changing their chemical labels to comply with the new EU legislation. Which also enabled them to boost product sales and ship to overseas markets with relative ease.

These labels known by its abbreviated form "CLP" or commonly known as “the CLP Regulation” is the labelling requirement for products containing hazardous chemicals and substances.

The European Regulation EC No 1272:2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals and substances came into force in January 2009 for all members of the EU States.

The CLP Regulation adopted the United Nations’ “Globally Harmonised System” (GHS for short) on the classification and labelling of chemicals across all European Union countries.

The existing legislation on CLP has been agreed and acknowledged at European Union level, from 1st June 2015 the CLP regulation applied to all the EU member states. Seeing the new set of hazard pictograms change from the orange square pictogram to the new diamond shaped pictogram.

We have the EU compliant pictogram templates ready to be applied to chemical packaging, not only are our pre-printed CLP labels popular for overprinting. We found that after a breif consultation we're helping manufacturers and distributors save thousands every year, whether its in purchasing or hours in administration costs thanks to the efficiency of our print management system.


Chemical Hazard Labels

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