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The Right Product Label Could Make Food Taste Better:


The Right Product Label Could Make Food Taste Better:

25th Jan 2017

Since our company started in 2008, we’ve printed labels for brands in almost every market imaginable. One of our favourite kind of assignments is design makeovers on new materials or using a new finishing technique, especially for food packaging...

At Paramount we have worked on packaging labels for biscuits, jams, teas, wine, chocolate, ice cream and plenty more. We believe that improving the label, branding or logo for food has a direct impact that goes beyond just the aesthetics.

Quite simply put it and this may sound strange but a good packaging label design can even go far enough to make food taste better.

To demonstrate the point, we redesigned a label for a sauces company based in Milton Keynes in 2014, which makes its products using traditional techniques and sold on small country fair stalls, they sold their small-batch sauces in cheap generic jars with black Arial type on a standard white paper Avery label (We know, it’s as boring and predictable as it sounds) but that was until Paramount were summoned for the job to take things to a new level.

We understand that it’s the presentation that says it all — a beautiful package that looks trustworthy and authentic to compliment a brand image will indicate consumers to believe it’s a quality and exclusive product.

The keyword it all revolves around here – ‘Exclusivity’.

That brand then becomes remembered and therefore credible when appearing to have limited availability.

The sauce labels we were asked to revive originally had a label that looked amateurish and could be typed and printed from a spreadsheet by anyone at home.

We ask: Would you trust that product to be anything special if it appears no different to the product on the shelf next to you?

After our team got their hands on the project we converted their branding to a full colour die-cut special shaped label and laminated it for durability (for a no label stains during the products use) to be re-applied to the transparent jar, sealed with an ultra-destructible label draping from the jars lid for additional product authenticity. The shape of our clients sauce business attracted a private investor and sauce production moved to a full scale production process in Germany.

Though we haven’t put our practical observation, design and printing expertise to a specific scientific study, research from top psychologists back our theory:

Oxford University psychologist Charles Spence published experiments proving the relationship between how food presentation and packaging enhances a taste experience. He found that Coca-Cola tastes sweeter from a red can and cookies appear crunchier when presented on a rough, textured and lively packaging surface.

In most cases at least half of our experience of food and drink is determined by the forgotten flavour senses of vision, sound, and touch...an everyday 'placebo effect'.


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The right product label can make food taste better..