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UK, It's Time To Take Pride In Your Manufacturing!


UK, It's Time To Take Pride In Your Manufacturing!

18th Apr 2017

It’s not been an easy time for us Brits in business recently. With “Brexit” we were the first ever country to withdraw from the European Union in 4 decades, triggering of the infamous Article 50 and prices increases across almost all consumer products.

Now the UK faces a transition of being a self-sufficient country whilst still remaining a key figure on the global trade stage...


Where do we fit in?

All out mass production aside, our reputation as a nation has always been known to produce some of the highest quality products and services available on the market today.

We’re the benchmark in luxury markets attracting acquisitions from businesses abroad over the years such as Thorntons (Now owned by Ferrero S.P.A), and Rolls-Royce (Now owned by B.M.W Group).

However it’s not all doom for UK companies. With a number of startups and new emerging businesses bubbling it’s clear we still have a lot to offer the world.

UK manufacturing contributes £6.7 trillion to the global economy, 45% of what’s manufactured by our little island gets exported off to the rest of the world. These figures tell a lot of what the UK is capable of in terms of not just manufacturing but also how efficiently we can adapt and supply a demand. The challenge is infact maintaining the momentum for continuous growth and output.

How can we do it?

Imagine we’re all collaborating under the same startup business together called “The UK”. How would we go about promoting our products and services abroad? Telling the consumer that “Yes, this quality product is proudly manufactured by the UK.”

Often known as ‘Origin Labelling’ it’s a significant trend and 64% of B2B shoppers (the ones who import in large volumes) say that print is the one source of information they can trust. The solution for this low cost method of advertising would be combining custom “Made In The UK” stamping, engraving, die-cutting and printing across all products and packaging we export.

To achieve this with maximum efficiency, the message has to be instant and clear. So pictographs and flags are ideal for this procedure in the way that they’re instantly recognisable and they can conquer language barriers within fractions of a second.


Why Not Have “Manufactured In The UK” Printed Onto Your Product Labels?

At Paramount Labels, our pledge to support and promote the UK manufacturing movement comes with quality bespoke label printing on a number of materials that goes beyond just doing the job.

As a cost-effective label printing solution for businesses, our clients depend on our insight, efficiency and experience through print and design to be the voice for their businesses products.

We’re offering businesses to collaborate and join us in a national effort to promote the UK.

So let’s get it out there that we’re proud of what we do, let’s promote all types of UK manufacturing.

Whatever your companies products, if you’re manufacturing them in the UK - It’s time to shout about it!


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