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How To Save Money On Custom Printed Labels:


How To Save Money On Custom Printed Labels:

12th Apr 2016

Cut costs and boost print quality, with help from Paramount.

Businesses are always pushing ways to get the most out of their printing companies without spending too much – especially without compromise of quality print.

Continuous innovation in materials, inks, printing techniques and digital display integration means every printing company wants to offer “next-generation printing” experiences to customers. This often begins in print marketing which turns out to be extremely costly – reducing the return of investment.

It sounds like a paradox, but you certainly don’t need a 24 carat gold plated adhesive label varnished in unicorn tears to be noticed.

We believe cost-effective label printing is a balance between optimisation and efficiency of the manufacturer, not a print management company.


More is Less and Less is More:

Many print buyers often overlook the benefits of simplicity. After all, the objective in print marketing is to be first seen and then remembered. Your artwork should be eye-catching and convey a complete message to the consumer in fractions of a second.

Like the majority of manufacturers, longer print runs will turn out to be more cost effective per unit, make sure your label printer has the capacity to handle and produce the entire project to your specifications.


Select the Right Materials:

Selecting the right materials will be crucial for cost-optimised labelling. Consider what primary properties the label needs to have for Its application environment.

Will it need to be non-abrasive and moisture-proof?
Does the adhesive need to withstand extreme temperatures?
Would the label stock need to blend in with the packaging?

These are just some of the basic elements you should consider before finally putting the order to the printing press.

Make sure you tailor your label for the best performance. If the application requirements are basic, resist the temptation of over qualifying and giving the label additional properties that it doesn’t need to avoid paying any excess. Any top printing company will provide you with free samples to trial beforehand.


Just Ask!

If you have limited knowledge in printing and labelling, be sure to ask experts and outline the specifics of the labels or company marketing objective.

A quality print manufacturer should be able to offer their experience, provide several solutions and guide you to exactly what you need.

The more information you can provide them, the better the solutions they will provide for you. Incorrect information could always result in you paying twice.

Asking accurate questions can save time and money in the long run and the right insight can even boost buying confidence.

You won’t just have saved money in bespoke printing, you could also be richer for the knowledge on future projects.


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