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Home Printing Inkjet Labels vs Professional Label Printing:


Home Printing Inkjet Labels vs Professional Label Printing:

25th May 2016

A desktop printer and a pack of A4 sheet labels are perfect for any small startup business, but there comes a time when turning to the specialists becomes the sensible choice

The options of print-your-own labels can bring out the inner designer in any branding-crazed entrepreneur.

But how do you know when to make your own and when to reinforce your branding with a professional label printing company?

Die-cut labels can be purchased in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and finishes. Your business logo may work well on one of these options and with a bit of ingenuity, printing your own labels can produce very satisfying results.

If you only need a white label with coloured print, results can be a quite bland and predictable to the consumer.

But more than once we’ve been contacted to solve label sheets not feeding through inkjet printers. The reality of it is in effect, you’re asking more of the desktop printer than it was designed to do.

By wasting quite a bit of ink, £30 average price for a pack of refill CMYK cartridges, the continuity of it isn’t exactly cheap either.

Here are a few things to consider...


How much time are you spending getting your printer to feed and print properly?

When you’re running a business, time is money. The expense and outcome of purchasing professionally printed labels may well be a bargain compared to several hours in administration duties from your time.


How many sheets do you waste before you print correctly?

If a pack of 200 blank labels costs £15 and you are only able to salvage 3/4 of them (150 labels), your cost per label is already way above the price of custom label printing.

For example; A recent case study of a new customer that spent the last few years paying £1,000 in sheets of full-color, full bleed labels had considered a change. She got in touch with the Paramount Team to solve the issue.

Just by approaching a manufacturer, she outlined her issues and what she wanted to achieve and we managed to split her label printing costs, doubling her output quantity.


Is it worth looking into your own in-house printing machine?

A basic inkjet label printer can produce in-house, full colour labels. Purchased from various outlets starting around £1,000, they will print at approximately 1200dpi which gets the job done if a few hundred variable designs on simple paper label stocks is what you want.

For the more brand conscious companies that want to push boundaries with their appearance using additional finishes or special cut shapes will be better suited with the consistency of a commercial label printing company. An industrial sized label printer is capable of producing print at exceptional quality between 1600dpi to 3600dpi on a multitude of label stocks other than just paper.


Compare prices, send your label design to Paramount Labels and ask for a quote:

In quantities above 1,000 labels you can expect to save money printing with us at Paramount Labels.

Every project is unique and there is no charge for a customised quote. We optimise all our labelling projects for our clients to ensure they’re getting maximum quality without compromising affordable prices to support bespoke business printing - all year round.


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