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4 Simple Tips To Choosing The Right Custom Label Printer:


4 Simple Tips To Choosing The Right Custom Label Printer:

9th Feb 2017

Choosing the right label printing company isn’t always straightforward. With rapidly advancing technology, customer expectations and brand requirements paving the way companies choose their labelling supplies and the types of label printing service they want.

As printers and manufacturers ourselves, when producing projects it’s critical that products achieve an extensive level of quality when rolling off the printing press.

Especially to be able to provide for the meticulousness of Fortnum & Mason, M&S and Bentley Motors. An indication Paramount Labels know how to achieve specialist branding objectives at fair prices better than most.

We have the knowledge and expertise to pass on to our clients as they often contact us with a specific label project in mind and how they’d want it to appear. However around 70% of our clients don’t actually know how to achieve the result they want…that’s before coming to us.

Developments at Paramount Labels are an ongoing investment in machinery, skilled staff and digital presence to help the team keep momentum with industry trends and customer expectations.

As a result, we’ve not only battled in tough times for the print industry but we’ve also managed to defy the odds flourishing with our budding reputation as a top flight small-to-medium enterprise within the industry. Becoming a key resource for all UK businesses looking make a subconscious stamp in their customers minds, driving product sales with attractive custom label printing.

Upon choosing a label printing supplier. Here are 4 key factors to consider:

Quality - (NOT quantity or speed)

As standard, people expect high quality printed material in all aspects these days.
Commercial printing works out great on long-run large quantities but even if a job is small, less than 100 labels for handmade goods for example – It’s better to get things done professionally using digital printing technology (ideal for short-runs) than be caught out by the bigger, cheaper ‘online mass-printing outlets’ which in the past we’ve had to rectify due to the original supplier not having an ISO 9001 quality assurance certification.

Clients were duped by their quick turnaround times, but quality checks and colour testing weren’t carried out – resulting in offset, faded print and die-cuts being out of register…is it worth the risk to your brands image? We say no.

Print Management Consistency.

Companies with multiple brands, products or staff ordering print jobs, will benefit from using a printer with a good Print Management System.
These systems help maintain brand continuity by safely storing artwork and specific label details to ensure budgets and special requirements are adhered to, whilst offering an effective order-cycle platform for distributing print jobs to meet clients packaging and PR deadlines.


Asking a printer about new finishes and techniques to help your marketing material stand out from the crowd is essential to brand development.
Every good printing company should take the time out to offer their own creative insight with their industry knowledge.
Despite labelling not always being the most interesting factor to a consumer, there are millions of exciting options by using such a versatile advertising medium that new and existing clients find undiscovered print opportunities which have become more and more affordable and accessible. Just by working this closely with a quality printer they can hold up a mirror to teach a brand more about themselves and open doors to build with new demographics, increasing audience size and exposure.


Obviously, it’s a key but dangerous factor in purchasing decisions. Upon getting quotes, companies already have an idea of what they want to spend. How do you define price on something that’s not yet made, custom and often unique?

The same answer as “How much is a gold piece of string?” – Bespoke printing should produce bespoke prices which are imposed by material quality, finishes, complexity of the artwork, quantity and of course delivery.

The nature of printing companies chosen should be creative, diligent and reliable to make a flexible service that will turn a label cost into label value – which defines a realistic price.




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